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Students’ communities

Moscow State Mining University is preparing not only the specialists of engineering and other technical professions. Our University is a real school of life which prepares a person for a long and difficult but successful voyage. Such organization as Center for Student Initiatives helps our students to develop and to march ahead.


The Center for Student Initiatives includes some other organizations, among which are:


  • “Patriots’ club” which teaches the students to love their Motherland and supports the feeling of a real patriotism in them. The organization also teaches to respect and appreciate the history of our country and people who wrote it.
  • “The Trip of Kindness” is a student union that teaches us the feeling of tolerance and love for others. The members of the Union always organize the charity events and visits to orphan homes. “The Trip of Kindness” is actively cooperates with the Council of Veterans of Moscow.
  • The “Intellectual Club” helps the students of Moscow State Mining University to develop their creative thinking and helps to learn a lot of new and useful things expanding the horizons of not only in the sphere of professional activity but also in many other equally important areas of our live making it much more interesting and colorful.
  • The Russian Federation is considered to be a multi-national country.And of course, our Institute is also a multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan higher education institution. In this regard, the Union of Student Fraternities (USF) is gladly helps the foreign students to adapt to the new society and to reveal the beauty and the richness of the Russian culture. This organization always conducts such interesting events as the “Day of nationality”, the “Congress of the Union of Student Fraternities of Moscow”, different Spartakiada Games and intellectual game “What? Where? When”.


Taking an active part in the activity of different Student Unions of Moscow State Mining University, our students receive not only the diploma but also a great wealth of knowledge, experience and skills.