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Life in Moscow

Moscow is one of the global capitals of the world and a great place to be a student.


By coming to Moscow you are getting the chance to see the world not only from the eyes of the Europeans, but from the eyes of the entire globe.


Studying in a global city has many advantages. You’ll establish an international network of friends and enjoy an exciting social life.


The city is stunningly beautiful but there is a lot more than that.


Moscow is a fascinating mix. It offers all the benefits of the city life: pubs and clubs; an incredible variety of concert venues offering music for all tastes; theatres, cinemas, cafes and restaurants; a good range of shops.  A town of bustling streets and pavement cafes, it nevertheless features enormous green spaces and quiet parks, and even cows can be found grazing in some districts not far from the city centre. When you want to escape, the countryside is very close with pleasant walking and cycle routes from the city centre to the surrounding villages.


Moscow is a historic town which is more than 865 years old. Yet with all this history, Moscow has nevertheless been the birthplace of some of the most recent scientific advances.


Each year Moscow welcomes talented students, at both undergraduate and graduate level, from all over the globe. The Russian higher education system is renowned for its academic excellence, where the quality and standard of undergraduate courses are guaranteed through the work of various official bodies. Our students are attracted by the chance to study at internationally-renowned universities with outstanding academic achievement and innovation that offer respected and internationally-recognised qualifications across a broad range of subjects.


You are sure to feel that Moscow is the most diverse, friendly and supportive city. Most universities give you free access to support services both on and off campus.  There are also hundreds of student societies and clubs in Moscow where you can meet new people and enjoy your favourite activities. If ever you feel homesick, you will most likely be able to share your experiences with friends in the city from your home country.


International students community is a vital part of Moscow  State Mining University. They provide intellectual stimulus as well as creating and maintaining academic links with colleagues abroad. At MSMU you will find yourself in a vibrant, open-minded and friendly environment that is sure to inspire. MSMU will not just push to match strict academic criteria but  motivate and encourage you to perform well in your chosen subject, and help you reach your full potential.


Moscow is an exciting place to pursue postgraduate/graduate education and have some fun while doing it. Outside of the classroom you can enjoy all of the entertainment, events and excitement that Moscow has to offer.


Moscow belongs to Russia. Though it is a genuine part and shining brilliant of the whole world as well!