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Scientific schools

There are 20 scientific schools conducting their current research in a wide array of issues of mining and related industries under the Moscow State Mining University:


  • Underground Mining Systems, Research Director—Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member L.A.Puchkov;
  • Underground Resources Space Development, Research Director—Professor A.V.Korchak;
  • Minerals Processing, Research Director Professor V.M.Avdokhin;
  • Mine Surveying, Resources Geometry and Qualimetry, Research Director—Professor V.N.Popov;
  • Economy, Planning and Managing Mineral Resourses and Mining Processing, Research Director—professor M.A.Revazov;
  • Technological Systems in Surface Mining Operations, Research Director—Professor V.S.Kovalenko;
  • Applied Mining (Ore) Geology, Research Director—Professor A.M.Gal’perin;
  • Underground Geotechnologies of Rational Utilization of Ore Resources-- Research Directors— Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member D.R.Kaplunov , Professor E.V.Kuz’min;
  • Rock Failure, Research Directors—Professor A.P.Dmitriev, Professor S.A.Goncharov;
  • Explosive Processes and Technologies, Research Directors—Professor E.N.Kutuzov, Professor V.A.Belin;
  • Mining Geophysics, Research Director—Professor V.L.Shkuratnik;
  • Mining Mechnics and Transport, Research Directors—Professor V.I.Galkin, Professor N.G.Kartavy;
  • Electrifying Mining Practice, Research Director—Professor A.V.Lyakhomsky;
  • Information Technologies and Control Systems in Mining, Research Director—Professor N.I.Fedunets;
  • Technical Aids and Control Systems for Mining Engineering, Research Director—Professor L.D.Pevzner;
  • Mining Machinery and Urban Underground Development Design and Construction, Research Director—Professor L.I.Kantovich;
  • Promotion of Patriotism among Students, Research Director—Professor V.A.Karnaukhov;
  • Economy, Planning and Managing Natural Use, Research Director—Professor V.A.Zakharchenko;
  • Mining Organization and Management , Research Director—Professor S.S. Reznichenko ;
  • Acoustic Anemospirometry, Research Director—Professor S.Z.Shkudin.